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FiveM - Rules & Guidelines

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NitroNet RP - FiveM - Roleplay Rules

  You are required to comply with these rules at all times. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with them as they are strictly enforced


(1.1) Server Requirements

1.1(a): To play on our FiveM servers, you must have a basic understanding of our rules and gameplay mechanics.

1.1(b): You must have a functioning and clear microphone to communicate with other players and staff.

1.1(c): Your game must be up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of FiveM.

1.1(d): Any third-party software or mods must be approved by our staff before use on our servers.

1.1(e): We recommend a stable internet connection and a computer that meets the minimum system requirements for playing FiveM.

Please note that failure to meet these requirements may result in being unable to join our servers.

(1.2) Red Zone

1.2(a):  Red Zones - are defined as kill on sight zones, we only have 1 red zone located on Cayo Island

(1.3) MetaGaming and FailRP

1.3(a): MetaGaming is the act of using out-of-game knowledge to gain an unfair advantage in-game or to disrupt the game-play experience for other players. FailRP is the act of breaking in-game rules or acting in an unrealistic manner that breaks immersion for other players. These actions can include abusing game mechanics, exploiting glitches, or forcing unrealistic scenarios that detract from the overall experience of the game.

1.3(b): Examples of MetaGaming and FailRP include but are not limited to:

  • Using out-of-character knowledge in-character
  • Ignoring or breaking established in-game rules
  • Refusing to follow instructions from in-game authorities
  • Using glitches or exploits to gain an unfair advantage
  • Refusing to role-play or acting in an unrealistic manner

1.3(c): As an example, if John Doe convinces his friend James Doe to register an account and purchase a house solely to give John Doe an extra key to bypass the three-house limit, this is considered MetaGaming and FailRP. This action unfairly benefits John Doe, while denying other players the opportunity to own and use the extra house. It is a violation of our rules and will result in consequences such as warnings or bans.

(1.4) Respect

Our FiveM community values respect and courteous behavior among all players. We understand that the online world can be unpredictable and at times, unruly. However, we have set clear expectations regarding player conduct to foster a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

We encourage players to exercise self-control during moments of frustration, such as when dying in-game, and refrain from engaging in behavior that may be considered harassing or offensive. It is not acceptable to use derogatory language, insults, or engage in other forms of disrespect towards other players or groups.

Furthermore, we do not tolerate any behavior that involves a player's real-life information, such as doxxing or personal threats. Players who engage in such activities will be immediately banned from our servers.

We believe that fostering a culture of respect and positivity is essential for creating a fun and welcoming community that everyone can enjoy.

(1.5) Hacking and Exploiting

1.5(a): Exploiting or hacking is the unauthorized use of bugs or exploits within the game or server scripts to gain an unfair advantage. We do not allow any form of exploiting or hacking on our servers. If you come across any server bugs, please report them immediately.

1.5(b): Players who are caught exploiting for personal gain or attempting to conceal exploits will be banned.

1.5(c): We take hacking and exploiting seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy towards it. We use advanced anti-cheat measures to detect and prevent hacking on our servers. Any player caught hacking or attempting to hack will be permanently banned without warning.

(1.7) Chat Rules

1.7(a): Our chat rules are designed to ensure a pleasant experience for all players. Avoid spamming or flooding the chat with repetitive or nonsensical messages. Capitalize words only as appropriate, such as for abbreviations, names, or at the beginning of sentences.

1.7(b) Spamming the chat will result in a written warning.

1.7(c) Using the chat to transfer out-of-character information is prohibited and will result in a chat ban and a written warning.

(1.8) Finality of Staff Decisions

1.8(a): In situations where a staff member intervenes and gives instructions, their decision must be followed without debate. Any objections can be submitted as an appeal to management, which will be reviewed within 12 hours. During the situation, there should be no arguing or debating. To appeal a decision or report an issue with a staff member, please submit a detailed appeal with all relevant details.

1.8(b): Example: An administrator instructs parties involved in a shootout to stop shooting each other and leave in separate directions. John Doe disagrees, starts arguing with the administrator, and disobeys by continuing to shoot the second party.

(1.9) Punishment Evasion

1.9(a): Punishment evasion refers to the act of attempting to evade a punishment that has been given or is about to be given to you. It is not allowed and will result in a warn or ban.

1.9(b): Leave to Avoid Punishment (LTAP) will result in a warn if there is no prior history of LTAP or Combat Logging.

1.9(c): Combat Logging involves leaving the server to preserve the items or cash in your inventory, denying other players the chance to rob or steal your items, or bypassing death timers. It is not allowed and will result in a warn or ban.

(1.9.1) Selling or Trading Game Items or Accounts

1.9.1(a): Selling or trading accounts or in-game items for real money is strictly prohibited on our server. Any such act will result in a ban.

(2.0) Use of Multiple Accounts

2.0(a): The use of multiple accounts on our server is not allowed. Creating additional accounts to transfer items or money to your main account is also prohibited. Players must only use one copy of GTA and one FIVEM account to play on our server.

 (2.1) Character Rules

  2.1(a): You are permitted to create multiple characters, which are linked to your single server account.

2.1(b): Your characters are completely separate and have no relation between each other whatsoever. They do not share any information, memories of family relations.

You must not:

  2.1.1(c): Use information gained on one character to influence anything on another character's actions.

2.1.2(d): Transfer any money/assets/properties etc between these accounts.

2.1.3(e): Switch accounts to join or rejoin a situation your other character has died in.

2.1.4(f): Switch accounts while in a current situation, or when you have taken damage recently.

2.1.5(g): Have more than 1 character in the same org or business is not acceptable. 

(2.2) Toxicity

2.2(a):  Being toxic: making conspiracies against the server, staff or management team, or players / groups of the community, repetitively dis-encouraging players from playing the servers, behaving in a hostile manner to players, staff or management, and generally showing no intent of rp member of the community. 

2.2(b): Bluntly telling people to \"go kill themselves\" or other forms of suicide are not permitted on the server. You should never be randomly yelling this out at members of the community. There may be some circumstances that permit some version of this such as your RP family being killed and you saying that you wish they died instead of them, but nothing that frank and nothing super graphic. Meaningful roleplay can be done without telling someone to end their own life and if you can't think of anything else to say in that situation, remove yourself from it or don't say it.

(2.3) False Reporting

  2.3(a): The act of submitting reports against players who did not breach rules, especially in cases where reports are made merely due to losing a situation. This is only the case if the reporter knew or reasonably could know that no rules were broken. Please don't waste our time with false appeals or tickets. 

(2.4) Power Gaming

2.4(a): Power Gaming is a behavior where a player forces actions upon others without giving them a chance to react, or performs unrealistic actions to their advantage during roleplay. This behavior is strictly prohibited on our server.

2.4(b): Examples of Power Gaming are:

  1. Forcing a player to be physically injured or killed without allowing them to defend themselves or respond in any way.

  2. Refusing to roleplay a scenario or engage in a storyline with another player because it does not align with your character's goals or interests.

  3. Using unrealistic actions or abilities to gain an unfair advantage over other players, such as dodging bullets or surviving falls that would realistically cause severe injury or death.

(2.5) Meta Gaming

2.5(a): This rule prohibits the misuse of both roleplay and non-roleplay information, including using information obtained through non-roleplay means in a roleplay situation or using non-roleplay chats for roleplaying purposes. This includes using name tags for in-character purposes.

2.5(b): In-game communication of information must be done through in-game methods, such as radios and phones.

2.5(c): Non-roleplay chats include public chat (e.g. Discord, forums), private messages (e.g. Discord, forums), and group messages (e.g. Discord, forums).

2.5(d): The /me command is for describing actions, not for speaking or chatting.

(2.6) RDM (Random Deathmatching)

2.6(a): RDM (Random Death Match) is the act of killing another player with no (valid) reason to do so, such as no prior roleplay interaction that would lead to a legitimate murder. It is not allowed. An active declaration lasts 5 minutes.

2.6(b): You need a roleplay reason which leads to the need of killing somebody - petty reasons are not a reason to kill people. Petty reasons are considered non-roleplay situations (such as /p chat discussions, /gm discussion, discord fights and others which are not character related) or petty in-character reasons such as insults or car crashes.

2.6(c) It is not obligatory to roleplay withdrawing a gun or saying something before shooting somebody, as long as there is a legitimate roleplay reason behind going after somebody and killing them, it is okay.

(2.7) RDM (Random Deathmatching)

2.7(a): John Doe kills Jane Doe because John claims to be a serial killer who wishes to kill anyone he comes across. (RDM)

2.7(b): John Doe kills Jane Doe because Jane cut him off with a vehicle on the road.  (RDM)

2.7(c): RRDM (Revenge RDM), is the act of killing a player who had previously killed you or has done something in an ended roleplay scenario. It is not allowed. (RRDM)

2.7: Roleplay Clarifications

2.7(a): Failure to roleplay is not allowed on this server. This means refusing to roleplay or failing to roleplay with one or more players for any reason. Every interaction with other players must involve roleplay, regardless of personal preferences. Defending parties have the right to roleplay towards the outcome they prefer, as long as they do not engage in PowerGaming or MetaGaming.

2.7(b): If you find yourself out-powered, out-manned, or outgunned, you must still roleplay with appropriate boundaries towards whatever outcome may occur. This includes potentially losing a scenario or being shamed, embarrassed, or humiliated.

2.7(c): When knocked down, you are not required to roleplay dying. However, until you accept death, you are still considered alive and severely injured. Other players may seize or rob you while you are incapacitated. Only EMS can confirm deaths.

(2.8) Advertising

2.8(a): There are two types of advertisements in the game - roleplay advertisements and out of roleplay advertisements. Roleplay advertisements are used for in-game purposes, such as selling vehicles or properties, and must be used for roleplay only. On the other hand, out of roleplay advertisements are not allowed and include advertising other servers or communities, which may result in a ban.


2.8(b): It is allowed to advertise illegal items through /ad; however, it is still considered illegal in the game, and the player may be arrested for it.

2.8(c): Posting links to other servers or poaching players on NitroNet's discord or game servers is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.

(2.9) Cop/Police Baiting and Cop Hunting

2.9(a): Cop baiting is the act of committing crimes with the intention of drawing police attention without any prior roleplay or interaction with law enforcement. This behavior is not allowed and will be considered as poor roleplay.

2.9(b): Cop hunting is the act of chasing and killing police officers without valid reason or appropriate roleplay interaction beforehand. If a cop stops pursuing you or leaves a shootout, you may not chase them down and kill or loot them.

2.9(c): Robbing police weapons, items, vehicles, or evidence is not allowed. While robbing police officers is acceptable within the rules, targeting cops with the intention of stealing their police items will result in a warn.

(3.0) Scamming


(3.1) Robbing is the act of attempting to forcefully obtain goods from a player (such as money, drugs, or other), by threatening them with death or other consequences. You are not allowed to rob players without a proper reason. You are not allowed to kill a robbed player if he showed no resistance. It is only reasonable to kill a robbed player if he calls for help or resists. You are not allowed to rob a player that you come across randomly on the ground or if you have no prior rp or with them.

3.1(b): Kidnapping is the act of forcefully taking a player against their will. It is not allowed to kill kidnapped players if they are complying. It is only allowed to kill a kidnapped player if he was kidnapped due to a specific roleplay reason, such as being a rival group member, having a past incident which caused him to get kidnapped and so on. Randomly kidnapped players may not be killed if they are compliant.

3.1(c): While performing the robbery, you must roleplay seizing the items from the victim first, and then you have to perform the seizure by using the /rob command. 

3.1(d): This rule applies to the law enforcement version of the command as well (/seize).


(a): You are not to kill those you rob/mug if they comply with the robbery and provide you with some items or money.

(b): It is not required for the victim of a robbery to give you all of their items in full quantity or all of their cash. 

(3.2) Sexual Harassment

3.2(a): Forcing inappropriate roleplay is strictly prohibited on the server. It refers to compelling or pressuring another player to engage in a scenario that involves sexual content or similar content, which they do not consent to or feel uncomfortable participating in. Players who refuse to participate in such roleplays cannot be forced to do so, and the "2.7(a) Failure to Roleplay" rule is not applicable in such situations.

Example: (a) Engaging in erotic roleplay (ERP) is strictly forbidden on the server. Will result in a ban.

(3.3 ) Unrealistic RP 

(a): Unrealistic roleplay is the act of attempting to perform or create scenarios that are unrealistic, similar to the "Power Gaming" rule, but aimed at players attempting to roleplay as animals, or any other such unrealistic roleplay.


(a): Raids on Police Departments, other Government buildings, which would realistically be protected by a number of guards and police officers stationed in them. Unless admin permission is given to perform such action which is properly roleplayed and has a reasonable cause to do so (such as riots, terrorism)

(b): Kidnapping / Robbing in popular places with a high presence of civilians / cops is considered as unrealistic roleplay. Players must choose proper locations to conduct robberies (allies, ghetto street etc).

(c): Car Surfing is disallowed and is considered as unrealistic roleplay. 

(d): In traffic stops it is prohibited to initiate a shootout until you have exhausted all other options - such as attempting to successfully evade, or simply paying a fine if you're given one.

(e): Calling backup from your group members over such situation as a traffic stop, vehicle collision with another player, or other petty situations is prohibited as realistically no criminal organization would risk and waste resources to such situations

(3.4 ) Safe Zones 

(a): Safezones are defined areas in which initiating situations that involve shooting, robberies, kidnaps and other criminal roleplay is prohibited.

(b): The safe zones are:

(c): Police Departments and Hospitals

(d): Places of work for legal jobs (only the single point of work, not throughout the city while working).

(e): If a situation is initiated outside of a safezone, and the involved parties somehow end up in the safe zones either through a chase or whatnot, the roleplay may continue within the safezone. You cannot just run into a safezone and expect to be immune after someone attempts to rob you outside the zone

(f): You may initiate criminal roleplay in those areas with permission of an administrator. The safe zones are established to prevent crime from being performed where it would be unrealistic for it to occur due to high activity and surveillance.

(3.5) Names 

(a): Names must be reasonable, realistic and formatted so that they consist of a first name and a last name.

(b): In-game names must:

(c): Not contain any numerals

(d): Not contain any symbols

(e): Be appropriately capitalized 

(f): 😞 Not be of notorious persons (ie. Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Hillary Clinton, ...)

(g): A player's character name may not be similar to his/her 2nd character. It needs to be completely different, both the first and last name.  

(h): Furthermore, if an administrator decides that one name is not reasonable or valid, the administrator may request that the person changes the name.

(3.6) New Life Rule (NLR)

(a) Returning after death refers to the act of returning to a location where you have died previously.

(b) You are not allowed to return to or interact with the scene, location, or individuals involved in your previous death for a period of 10 minutes.

(b) You cannot retain in-character infomation form before you died into your new life.

(3.7) Miscellaneous

(a): Miscellaneous rules are acts which cannot be categorized in any above category but are deemed inappropriate and are therefore prohibited

(b): It is not allowed to start initiating kidnapping on a player for no reason. The reason must also not be small and random. You cannot go kidnapping somebody over a car crash. The acceptable reasons for kidnapping are: group rivalries, paid and roleplayed contracts, and alike situations.

(c): It is not allowed to start initiating robberies on players for no reason. Somebody who has a million worth net worth has no reason to go street robbing players. Merely going for robberies just for the purpose of entertainment is prohibited.

(e): It is not allowed to randomly /rob a knocked player. Randomly means, you spot a knocked player on the street, and you approach him and start robbing every item off him just because you can.

(3.8) Poor Roleplay

(a): You are expected to roleplay to a good standard at all times, and put time, effort and thought into the actions that you portray. The decisions and actions that you make should be logical and in-keeping with the character that you play. 

(b): Lazy roleplay is not acceptable and you must seek to resolve situations in a way that is appropriate for the circumstances at the time. The use of certain weapons should be proportionate to the situation and as a last resort.

(c): Your roleplay must be clear to understand with a focus on giving as much detail as possible.


(a): John Doe knocks a player and types /me pats when searching the body.

(b): John Doe drives on the wrong side of the road, up mountains in a sports car and does donuts outside of LSPD.

(c): John Doe and Jane Doe are robbing Joe Smith and Joe Smith ignores their commands and starts opening fire with no effort to interact.

(d): John Doe is in a street gang. John Doe purchases a $1,000,000 sports car and drivers it around with hood members shooting from it.

(3.9) NVL (Not Valuing Life) / (Fail Fear)

(a): You must show fear in roleplay situations that require you to in order to preserve your character's life. If you are outgunned, outnumbered, at a disadvantage then you must comply with the aggressor(s). While this rule may not be clear in some cases, the administration will make the final decision and conclude whether the rule was broken or not.


(a): The FearRP does not just depend on numbers i.e 2v1. In some cases, there may be other things to look at such as equipment, health, position, advantage and disadvantage of both parties.\n \n\n\n  

(b): If the aggressor is disrupted in any way, the other player can try escaping or fight back. This does not count if the aggressor lowers his gun down to type. In that case the player(s) are still under the FearRP rule.

Example: (a): John Doe and Jane Doe are aiming at Joe Smith who is unarmed, but Joe Smith does not comply and punches them without showing any fear.

(b): John Doe aims at Joe Smith's head, but Joe Smith does not care and retaliates.

(4.0) Unrealistic Driving / GTA Driving

(a): Keep the driving similar to real life.  Example: \n (a): You're driving a sports car off road ( Driving up mountains ) Etc.\n \n\n\n Clarification: \n (a): Putting offroads wheels on a sports car does not turn it into an offroad car.

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