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[Official] Forum Rules

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1. Streamer Friendly

We aim to create a streamer friendly environment, toxicity or racism of any kind will result in an instant ban from the discord and server.

2. Discrimination and Toxicity

Any discrimination will not be tolerated and will result in an warn/ban depending on the situation.
This message board is a friendly environment for our community. Toxicity and hate speech has no place within this message board. Expressing you opinion is encouraged.

3. Advertisement

We love to promote streamers and content creators as they are a essential part of our community, talk to management if you're interested in obtaining the Streaming/Content Creator roles.
Attempting to advertise any other servers or poaching players, staff, developers or management officials will result in a ban from our platforms.

4. Spamming

Spam is not tolerated on this website for obvious reasons, please refrain from spamming.

5. Common Sense

Simply put, please just use your common sense while posting and commenting on the forums;
- Post in the appropriate board
- Stay in character where necessary
- No NSFW content, no exceptions

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