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[Official] Organisation Rules

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[AU/NZ] NitroNetRP - FiveM
Connection Info - NitroNet
- FiveM:
CFX URL: https://besteverbernie-m75v6d.users.cfx.re/
IP Address:   (Can be used in f8 - connect
Server Reviews: https://forum.cfx.re/t/nitronetrp-australia-nsw-tremendous-city/4793246

NitroNetRP Organisation Rules
- These rules are subject to change, staff will enforce rules as written in this documents and there staff guidelines.

(1.1) General:

- A player can only be a part of 1 Organization across all characters.

- All registered Organizations will undergo a trial period of 1 week prior to them receiving any form of development towards their Organization (e.g. Clothing, Housing, anything that is required to be adjusted in the server.)

(1.2) Unjustified reason to initiate:

- If someone calls you a name, words can go a long way before resorting to guns. ( Don’t over react. )

- Do not follow groups around to witch-hunt them for no reason. ( Hunting Players without an RP reason can result in a ban/warn )

- Simply knowing the party has an item on their person that you want but they have done nothing to you. ( Robbing someone fishing for some quick and easy money )

(1.3) Valid Reason to Initiate:

- Trespassing on your gang house, property or claimed zones.

- Direct verbal threats of life, to any member of the gang/org.

- Any form of assault ie punching, kicking and spitting.

(1.4) Zones:

- Claimed zones must be approved by a government official.

- Drug Zones may be claimed as long as approved by a government official. (this is usually done in the application.)

- Drug zone can not be taxed over 50% ( but can be negotiated in rp ) (unfair taxation)

- You are not allowed camp drug zones ( depends on the situation and the staff member )

(1.5) Leadership:

- Gang members must follow their leadership roles, failure to do so can result in a strike to your gang.

- Gang leaders are responsible for all their gangs actions and could be held accountable depending on the situation

(1.6) Members:

- Leaders are responsible for their organizations actions and could be held accountable depending on the situation

- Max 25 Registered Organizations Members or Associates online at one time!

- Max Registered Organization Members 60

- Maximum Group Size (in one situation): 12

- No more than 12 people from the same organization in a hostile situation because of any unfair advantages that can occur in the whole situation. This is an increase from the standard 8.

(1.7) Business - Work Place Rules/Guidelines:

- Organizations must not carry out illegal activities on business property. If you own a organization and a business you are required to have a separate character for each.

- Uniforms are required, if you want custom clothing added dm @Bernie Bradshaw

- Leaders must keep records of, applicants, denied

- Criminal activities in business areas or in workplaces won't be tolerated unless there is a RP Reason.

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