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EEZYAU's Org application for South East Vagos

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1) Your Information
+ Discord Tag: EEZYAU#0001
+ RP Name of Character you that will lead the organization! 
Antonio Isaac


2) Questions (Require Details Responses)

+ How long have you played this city?

Over a year

+ How much experience do you have as a leader or a management official?
I have loads exprerince starting organisations across multiple cities.

+ Do you have any experience in leading or running a organization in FiveM/GTAO:RP?
Yes i do!

+ Do you have a understanding of the role play responsibilities, power and expectations of organizations? (These are outlines in the gang rules, if you have questions feel free to make a ticket in the discord.)
Yes i do.


3) Organization - Questions

+ What is the goal of your organization? (min 100 words)
South East Vagos plans to accomplish longevity within the city, we strive to be an active org with a great number of members flying in an interacting with the community daily / work towards is owning a dedicated profitable unique business that can help with our organization's interactions within the community / Oversee for all production of cocaine in the city (CIV&ORGS).

+ What events/activates will your organization be involved in?
Fight nights and possibly we could host a paintball fight.

+ Why should we accept your Organizations Request over the others?
Our organisation works grately and procedures have been revised over, we will bring good rp to this server and ensure everyone has fun and a blast!

+ What does your organization bring to our city?
Our organisation wishes to bring fun and good roleplay to this server, host events and wish to expand our name of Vagos. 


The formation of South East Vagos is shrouded in mystery, likely to have evolved from Las Colinas & Los Flores and slowly migrated to Los Santos around the 80s due to the high demand and supply for crack cocaine & weapons in the south side.

After making the move to Los Santos, Vagos found it difficult to find their feet due to the low amount of members that they had situated in the city. The first month South East Vagos moved into the Jamestown was a struggle, making things work with the low member count and running the existing tenants out of their homes was a difficult task to accomplish but they pushed through an eventually claimed Jamestown as official Vago's Territory, with that now being established the next step is to control the area, locking it down, posted up on roofs an lurking in alleyways strapped from head to toe with cartel ak's along with strict orders from triple OG to move along any civilians or police that came into the area. With the new controlled territory and the rise in prices for cocaine on the street more OG members knew the move to make and came by the masses to Los Santos to start their new chapter.

Over the years, time and time again holding it down whilst building the foundation and validation throughout the city to solidifying the South East Vagos morals an what they stand for.

To South East Vagos, Jamestown is home, running a fully-fledged organized drug haul out of the slums in an attempt to control majority of the mass cocaine that is produced onto the streets, providing protection to groups that beg for mercy at their feet an acknowledge South East Vagos as dominant in their journey forwards.

The foundation of South East Vagos is built on the drug trade, from selling small amounts to addicts and forming connections to making deals with large organizations to purchase in bulk, all to control mass production and have intel on who is moving what around the city, there is no interest in tax for the time being, there only ask is for a heads up before running any ingredients and encounters with police at locations.

Overall, South East Vagos portray themselves as a feared street gang that is highly territorial.

4) Organization - Roles

+ What roles does you organization require, please follow format below, you can go above 4, but the boss must remain last role. (these roles will be added in-game if accepted within 48 hours)

Replace with the in-game roles you want

0 - YG 


2 - OG





5) Organization - Questions

+ You must have a minimum of six founding members you will be required to list them all below, with all required profile and tags, failure to do this for any member will result in there member not being registered with the organization.

----- Template ------
0 - https://forum.cfx.re/u/biz/summary (Biz#2839 ) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199220124063/ (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: Triple OG Enforcer

1 -  https://forum.cfx.re/u/Locki/summary - Locki#7796 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199273790376/ (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: Street Soldier

2 - (CFX Profile Link: https://forum.cfx.re/u/Mxtch3ll/summary (Discord Tag: Mxtch3ll#1715) (Steam Profile Link:  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199017416279/ (thenitronet.com Profile Link: https://thenitronet.com/index.php?/profile/32-mxtch3ll/ ] Role:  Role: YG

3 - https://forum.cfx.re/u/MrHeadShotzttv/summary - MrHeadShotzTTV#1578 (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: OG

4 - https://forum.cfx.re/u/hqmer/summary - hqmer#5321 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198987236818/ (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: YG

5 - https://forum.cfx.re/u/piggy/summary - Piggy#2781 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199146523917/ (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: Street Soldier 

6 - https://forum.cfx.re/u/eezyau/summary - EEZYAU#0001 - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198810255926/ - https://thenitronet.com/index.php?/profile/31-eezyau/ Role: TRIPLE OG SHOTCALLER

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