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[NitroNetRP FiveM - KeyBinds]

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Tactical Keybinds

Custom Key Binds
Note if at anytime you find these binds inconvenient or incorrect feel free to edit your binds.
Find and edit any FiveM related binds to your liking.
ESCAPE > Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM

Vehicle Binds/Commands
 - L = Lock/Unlock Vehicles (must have the keys)  
 - B = Toggle Seatbelt
 - O = Toggle Vehicle Engine
 - Command: /givekey (Players ID) e.g /givekey 1 (this will allow that player to lock/unlock the vehicle)

Inventory Binds
 - TAB = Opens Inventory  
 - G = Opens Vehicle Inventory
 - Z = Shows Items/Weapons in Hotbar

Common Binds
 - M = Toggle Phone (can also be used as an item in hotbar or right click, use.
 - F1 = Character Interaction Menu
 - F3 = Character Animations Menu (Walking Styles, Shooting Styles, Face Expressions, Prop and Non Prop Based Animations and more)
 - F4 = Personal Job / Multi-Job Manager  
 - F5 = Job Interaction Menu (EMS and LEO).
 - F7 = Allows you to check or pay your current bills.

Pet Commands and Binds
 - HOME = Opens Pet Menus

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