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Oliver Gill - NSWPF Police Application

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OOC | Out Of Character Questions

1) | CFX Name: (https://forum.cfx.re/): https://forum.cfx.re/u/rally1/
2) | Steam Profile Link: 
3) | Discord Name: Ollie#5320
4) | Time on NitroNetRP: Not even a day
5) | Please outline in detail any experience you've had on other servers or games including any police roleplay or managerial positions. Overall 4 Years+ of FiveM Law Enforcement Roleplay and just generally playing FiveM

FDG - 4 Years - HWP DT3 (Leading Senior Connie)
AHP - 2 Years HWP Leading Senior Connie
StatewideRP - Junior Administration (Under Sheriff)
Many More Americans Servers

In-RP - In-Game | Roleplay Character Questions
1) RP | Name: Oliver Gill

2) RP | Criminal History (on character applying) (lying or providing false information in this application can result in a 5 year sentence) None
3) RP | Why do you want to become apart of General Duties? (minimum 40 words) I would like to apply for this position at the NSWPF because of many reasons but really, I feel that the main reason is that I have a lot of dedication towards the server. I always and will always show extreme levels of realism and professionalism to and at all times to anyone and everyone within the community. I am currently very aware that there are many mentors within this server that want to help me and I respect that and want them to help them as well, I’m able to see myself being a mentor to others as well also currently showing off my skills that have been worked on in the past.. I have worked towards a lot of departments all around the place especially since I have known about these positions that open up around the place where I feel my skills can come in handy. I have not only worked on departments such as how I can present myself with Documents and things but many other things to be able to enhance my roleplay these come in with Vehicle tactics training, self-defense, and pressure thinking. I am able to train others in these skills and really do believe it’s an opportunity of how we run the department. I feel that this server also can provide a level of professionalism that is not provided in servers that do not try and have a level of realism and professionalism such as this server. I feel this is able, to sum up why I believe I am a capable applicant for the Position. I want to be able to enjoy myself in a community and move forward for something which of course I have, I am definitely one of your best choices and feel you should be able to work with me. I know I might sound bad but when dedication kicks in it kick in and boy does it help most of the time. I wanna join Victoria Police in the year 2025-2026 I might to the law in 11-12 and really I want to be there to help others. Meeting people in this community has in the past changed my life I have always and will always want to work with other people I like having people like me but not everyone does and that’s life but I know that if someone needs my help I am always there to help. I currently work for my local life-saving group, I have completed my SRC (Life Saving Certificate In Australia) so I can go on patrol and help people in the real work, as much as this is a video game this is also a dedication, anything I learn IRL I will be able to transfer to roleplay with some real-life experience.
4) RP | Why should we accept your application over the other applications, what can you bring to General Duties? (minimum 40 words) 

Statewide RP

(FiveM) My start in Statewide RP was a weird time, I had joined the community when things were turning ugly with Bruno and Integrity RP; Within my Statewide time I firstly applied for a position within LSPD, which was accepted after completing my training I was out for ridealongs I had done my 1-2 phases but I completed my last phase with Ryder W (Swat) who passed me for all my stages of probationary. After I had been patrolling for quite a while as a probationary a lot happened with the community turning into Integrity; I did leave statewide for a time period to Integrity Roleplay which I will continue at a later period.

After about 1 and a half months, I came back to Statewide which wasn’t the worlds smartest move as it happened a lot more after this; I found myself in a position in Statewide in the Highway patrol where I was a Trooper First Class at this time I was the LPSD Chief for a different server which merged into Statewide RP which is when I got transferred to LSPD as a Senior Police Officer 2 which was of course 1 rank from SIT. In Statewide RP I have a lot of enemies and friends, but the enemies I guess are higher rankings so when it came around time for me to possibly see an SIT position within the community I was demoted, after me working over 100 Hours in the promotion cycle of a month and constantly active in subdivisions; I never felt dedicated after this and tried to join Media which I did sufficiently do, I was meant to join it as an SIT rank in media but it failed to a standard and I was placed into a normal media position, I grinded content then had the influence of a dev member that we could break Civ Operations Guidelines for a scene of like 11 people but some people didn’t like it and we were placed in Coventry, I then left the community because I didn’t want to be apart of that in a way of negativity and wanted to move on.

Worldwide RP About a month or two ago I joined Worldwide RP, which was one of the best communities you could of ever of asked to join at the time; I found that this community helped my skill level grow to an extended amount. I was in SASP as a probie and was being looked at for a promotion with the next promotion cycle but then I was banned from the community for their age restriction limit. In Worldwide RP I had built an amazing friendship very quickly as many people were sad for me to go so quickly.

Midwest RP Midwest Roleplay was my favourite past community for me to ever participate in, in the past, I have been a part of Midwest as an LSPD Unit, within my first few days I got my pieces of training done and my ridealongs and the first promotion cycle I was there I got promoted, I was in MWRP for less than 6 days and was promoted in 2020 quite a while ago at the first promotion cycle of my join date. Within Midwest I got up to the rank of Police Officer 3 which was when I retired as at the time I was 13 years old and really respected the community to an extended level.

Smaller Communities I have been in many past communities small and large, and I feel that these smaller communities have been able to achieve my level of skill a lot more because there able to offer me Junior and Senior Supervisor positions. I firstly joined West Coast RP started by Sock (Nick) 1A-1, back in the start of this year, I was a part of the Los Santos Police Department where Jack J. 2L-3 in CLRP encouraged me to go for the Chief Position which I did get. I created a great bond with people within the community and still stay with many from that community! I retired from West Coast because I knew it was going to shut down which it did, it merged into Statewide RP which is how I got my Senior Police Officer 2 In statewide RP. Since that I join a server called Narmada Springs RP which with same I applied originally for Media Director which I did get but transferred to LSPD to become the chief, from that, I grew LSPD to a very large department for the community then once again transferred to BCSO to help with there tasks; I became the sheriff and applied myself to my best abilities to make that department awesome which Is what I did. My CoC was Awesome and really listened to me we were an awesome team and nothing was going to stop us until.

5) RP | What would you do if you saw a high-up police officer abusing their powers as apart of General Duties (Minimum 20 words) If I saw an individual that was abusing there powers and being corrupt I would proceed by going to a High Command officer within the Internal Affairs department, I fill out a report detailing the situation and with evidence if able. I would try keep away from the officer so his/ her actions didnt effect me in a detailed understanding that it could possibly effect me.

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