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Organizations Registration Request



1) Your Information
+ Discord Tag:
+ RP Name of Character you that will lead the organization!


2) Questions (Require Details Responses)

+ How long have you played this city?

+ How much experience do you have as a leader or a management official?

+ Do you have any experience in leading or running a organization in FiveM/GTAO:RP?

+ Do you have a understanding of the role play responsibilities, power and expectations of organizations? (These are outlines in the gang rules, if you have questions feel free to make a ticket in the discord.)


3) Organization - Questions

+ What is the goal of your organization? (min 100 words)

+ What events/activates will your organization be involved in?

+ Why should we accept your Organizations Request over the others?

+ What does your organization bring to our city?

4) Organization - Roles

+ What roles does you organization require, please follow format below, you can go above 4, but the boss must remain last role. (these roles will be added in-game if accepted within 48 hours)

Replace with the in-game roles you want
----- Template ------
0 - Cartel Hang Around

1 - Cartel Associate 

2 - Cartel Member

3 - Cartel Chief

4 - Cartel Commander

boss - Leader of Cartel

----- END of TEMPLATE ------

5) Organization - Questions

+ You must have a minimum of six founding members you will be required to list them all below, with all required profile and tags, failure to do this for any member will result in there member not being registered with the organization.

----- Template ------
0 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role:

1 -  (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role:

2 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role:

3 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role:

4 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role:

5 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role:

6 - boss - Bernie Bradshaw -  Example  [ (CFX Profile Link: https://forum.cfx.re/u/besteverbernie) (Discord Tag: Bernie#6388) (Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/NitroNet/ ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: https://thenitronet.com/index.php?/profile/1-bernie-bradshaw/) ] Role: Leader of Cartel

----- END of TEMPLATE ------



6) Overall Requirements  (these must be met)

+ Organization members and officials must be well known in a positive way in terms of promoting role-play. 

+ Appointed management officials must be at least 16 years old.

+ Transparent PNG Logo (must be provided below)

+ Location/Area of Operations - Includes Photos or References (we will not provide custom maps)

+ Clothing, What your gang/org/mc wears (we will not provide custom clothing)

+ All organization members are required to be signed up to the website and the discord.




Please do not post your application as a reply!
Create a new thread copying this template in Register Organizations Business

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