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[OFFICIAL] NSWPF Highway Patrol - Certification Application

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For more information, join the discord below

NSWPF Highway Patrol - Application Forum:
This is the required application to join Highway Patrol.
Please copy the questions below and create a new thread answering them, a member of Highway Patrol Recruitment will be in contact shortly.
NOTE: Do not ask any police trainer/commissioner to review your application

Required to join, if offered interview:
NitroNet Government Discord:

1) Sign/Sign Up to the forums
2) Copy and Paste this thread into step three.
3) Create a new thread HERE to apply

OOC | Out Of Character Questions

OOC | CFX Name: (https://forum.cfx.re/):
OOC | Steam Profile Link:
OOC | Discord Name:
OOC | Time on NitroNetRP:

RP | Role-play Character Questions

RP | Name:

RP | Criminal History (on character applying)
RP | Why do you want to become apart of Highway Patrol ? (minimum 40 words)
RP | Why should we accept your application over the other applications, what can you bring to Highway Patrol ? (minimum 40 words)
RP | What would you do if you saw a high-up police officer abusing their powers as apart of Highway Patrol (Minimum 20 words)

Highway Patrol, What is it?:
Highway Patrol is a division of General Duties that specializes in high speed pursuits, coordinated traffic operations last but not limited to manages vehicle striking/vehicle defects for all vehicles has the unique ability to order the permanent crushing of player vehicles, assuming they have 3 valid strikes on said vehicle.


NitroNet Police:

The NitroNet Police force must uphold a strong relationship with community and represent the city with high quality role-play, All Officers in all departments must show tremendous professionalism and stay in character, set the example for role-play in our city, this cities relies on this police force running at it's best. - Good luck with your application and remember to have fun!

Application ToS
You may only make one application every two weeks per person. Asking fivem staff or higher ups in police about your applications will result in an instant denial form NSWPF. Applications are check and responded to within 24-48 hours. If your applications has not received a response in this time don't hesitate to create a ticket in our discord: https://discord.gg/xj8u7648gZ

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