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  3. Recent Changes / Fixes [+] Updated notification ui and job ui's [+] The Jones Family has been added [+] The Dark Angels have been added [+] Premium Deluxe Motors has been granted a business license ( we are seeking two owners - 50 / 50 ) [+] Hospitals have medical aid for $100 at every hospital [+] Additional Garage: M - behind PDM - public use [+] Added weapon licenses gun stores at postals 745 (City), 046 (Paleto) , 285 (Sandy) [+] NSWAS is operational and has a full complement of vehicles [+] Sandy Shores City Hall has opened and has a job management area [+] AFP has started operations in the city, lead by @kadee and @Corrupte_Dead Key Binds [+] Documents changed to 'PAGE UP' NitroNetRP - FiveM - (Current State of Development) [+] AntiCheat 75% - Initialized = true [+] Jobs (Fisher,Scrap Miner , Miner, Treasure Hunter) -- subject to massive changes [+] Whitelisted Jobs (NSWPF, NSWAS, PDM) - 95% - Initialized = true [+] Accepted Gangs (Jones Family, The Dark Angles, (n/a) (n/a) ) - max 4 [+] Drugs (weed, coke, opium) 85% - Initialized = true [+] Department of Justice (Owns Town Hall Building) 25% - Initialized = true [+] Level System - 95% - - Initialized = true
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  5. Organizations Registration Request Requirements: 1) Your Information + Discord Tag: + RP Name of Character you that will lead the organization! 2) Questions (Require Details Responses) + How long have you played this city? + How much experience do you have as a leader or a management official? + Do you have any experience in leading or running a organization in FiveM/GTAO:RP? + Do you have a understanding of the role play responsibilities, power and expectations of organizations? (These are outlines in the gang rules, if you have questions feel free to make a ticket in the discord.) 3) Organization - Questions + What is the goal of your organization? (min 100 words) + What events/activates will your organization be involved in? + Why should we accept your Organizations Request over the others? + What does your organization bring to our city? 4) Organization - Roles + What roles does you organization require, please follow format below, you can go above 4, but the boss must remain last role. (these roles will be added in-game if accepted within 48 hours) Replace with the in-game roles you want ----- Template ------ 0 - Cartel Hang Around 1 - Cartel Associate 2 - Cartel Member 3 - Cartel Chief 4 - Cartel Commander boss - Leader of Cartel ----- END of TEMPLATE ------ 5) Organization - Questions + You must have a minimum of six founding members you will be required to list them all below, with all required profile and tags, failure to do this for any member will result in there member not being registered with the organization. ----- Template ------ 0 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: 1 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: 2 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: 3 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: 4 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: 5 - (CFX Profile Link:) (Discord Tag: ) (Steam Profile Link: ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: ) ] Role: 6 - boss - Bernie Bradshaw - Example [ (CFX Profile Link: https://forum.cfx.re/u/besteverbernie) (Discord Tag: Bernie#6388) (Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/NitroNet/ ) (thenitronet.com Profile Link: https://thenitronet.com/index.php?/profile/1-bernie-bradshaw/) ] Role: Leader of Cartel ----- END of TEMPLATE ------ 6) Overall Requirements (these must be met) + Organization members and officials must be well known in a positive way in terms of promoting role-play. + Appointed management officials must be at least 16 years old. + Transparent PNG Logo (must be provided below) + Location/Area of Operations - Includes Photos or References (we will not provide custom maps) + Clothing, What your gang/org/mc wears (we will not provide custom clothing) + All organization members are required to be signed up to the website and the discord. https://discord.gg/xj8u7648gZ Please do not post your application as a reply! Create a new thread copying this template in Register Organizations Business
  6. [Official] NitroNet Staff Report Template If you require immediate support join the discord below and make a ticket (appealing bans in discord tickets will result in a mute for 14 days - tickets are here to help people with in-game issues that are currently occurring or have within the last 5 minutes, False Reporting is not tolerated) https://discord.gg/ADUUNP5V Required Information: 1) Discord Tag: 2) Steam Profile Link (https://steamcommunity.com): 3) CFX - Name (https://forum.cfx.re/): What are you reporting (please give a detailed and honest explanation of the situation)? If you have clips or evidence of what happened they will be required(clips must not be edited and last at least 5 minutes)? What outcome do you expect from this report?
  7. [Official] Compensation Request Template Compensation Request are evidence based request and are required to meet reasonable doubt in terms of what the worth of your losses were, if the way you lost items/money is eligible for a compensation request. Compensation requests are only accepted in if there is a server related issue or player interaction that is in blatant breach of rules or server conduct. All requests must meet requirements listed below: 1) evidence of what you had and lost (screenshots, in-game recordings) 2) a 5 minute clip of any player interaction leading to the loss (in-game recordings unedited 5 minutes min) 2.a) if the loss is a result of a server related issue a clip of 5 minutes may not be required if dev/staff can recreate the issue, or a clip of a shorter time period can be accepted, as a ongoing KOS player deceleration isn't the result of a loss. How to appeal a ban? - Start a new topic in Compensation Requests (compensation requests) - Copy and Paste this template and fill our all required information and questions to the best of your abilities. Required Information: 1) Discord Tag: 2) Steam Profile Link (https://steamcommunity.com): 3) CFX - Name (https://forum.cfx.re/): 4) Ban Code - Ban Reason: 5) In-game phone number: 6) First and Last Name of Character it happened on: 7) You require a clip of at least 5 minutes the only exception to that rule is if it's a non player interaction and limited to a server issue (issue has to be proven and recreated by developers or staff), a clip or screenshot of some sort must be provided of items lost from the incident even if it's less than five minutes. Questions: 1) Please give a detailed explanation of the incident, be specific you may edit your request if you forgot or left out information, but once reviewed the discussion for this incident is final and cannot be appealed. (min 50 words) 2) Please provide any evidence you have of the incident and items your lost. (required 5 min clip and evidence of what you had and how you lost it) 3) Estimated worth of losses: 4) What you are hoping to receive in terms of compensation?
  8. [Official] Ban Appeal Template Ban appeals are reviewed within 1-7 days, asking staff about ban appeals will result in a instant rejection and a 14 day ban on appeals. How to appeal a ban? - Start a new topic in Ban Appeals (ban appeals) - Copy and Paste this template and fill our all required information and questions to the best of your abilities. Required Information: 1) Discord Tag: 2) Steam Profile Link (https://steamcommunity.com): 3) CFX - Name (https://forum.cfx.re/): 4) Ban Code - Ban Reason: Questions: 1) Name of Staff Member that banned you? 2) Did the staff member explain why you were banned?, If so why? 3) Give a honest and detailed explanation of the events that lead to your ban? 4) If you have any clips or unedited recordings of the incident, if you do please upload them and link them below?
  9. NSW Nitro Council of Law Reporting Act 1969 Amended by Justice J. Rainsworth 1.0) Crime Against Public Justice 1.1) Failure to Pay a Fine 1.2) Bribery 1.3) Contempt of Court 1.4) Subpoena Violation 1.5) Obstructing Justice 1.6) False Reporting to a Public Servant 1.7) Perjury 1.8) Interference with Public Duties 1.9) Impersonation of a Government Employee 2.0) Resisting Arrest, Search or Transport 2.1) Escape from Custody 2.2) Tampering with or Fabricating Evidence 2.3) Violation of Probation 2.4) Corruption
  10. Amended by Justice J. Rainsworth NSW Nitro Traffic Act 2020 1. Vehicular Offenses a) Evading arrest or detention on foot b) Evading arrest or detention by vehicle c) Evading arrest or detention causing bodily harm d) Failure to stop or remain at the scene of an accident e) Failure to stop or remain at the scene of an accident causing bodily harm f) Failure to stop or remain at the scene of an accident causing death g) Operating an aircraft without a license h) Reckless operation of an aircraft i) Failure to adhere to flight protocols j) Restricted airspace violation 1.1 Traffic and Road Law a) Reckless driving; general, causing bodily harm b) Driving under the influence; first offence, second offence and third offence and onwards c) Street racing; general, causing bodily harm, causing death d) Driving without a license on hand e) Driving with a suspended licence - first offense, second offense and onwards f) Illegal parking g) Speeding - fines will be given out based on your speed and the endangerment you place yourself and those around you. The legal road speed limits are 60km/hr in residential areas, 80km/hr in backroads, 110km/hr on highways. e) Failure to obey traffic control device
  11. Amended by Justice J. Rainsworth Add Headings (Format > Paragraph styles) and they will appear in your table of contents. Criminal Law NSW Nitro Crimes Act 2020 1. Crimes Against the Person a) Criminal Harassment (Intimidation) b) Assault c) Battery d) Assault on Public Servant e) Aggravated Battery f) Manslaughter g) Vehicular Manslaughter h) Murder i) Unlawful Imprisonment j) Kidnapping k) Torture 2. Crimes Against Property and Criminal Profiteering a) Arson b) Trespassing, First Offence c) Trespassing, Second Offence and onwards d) Burglary e) Robbery f) Theft g) Possession of Break-In Instrument h) Possession Stolen Property i) Extortion j) Forgery/Fraud k) Criminal Mischief l) GTA: Local Vehicle Theft m) GTA: Citizens Vehicle Theft n) Emergency Vehicle Theft o) Possession of Endangered Animal(s)
  12. NitroNetRP - FiveM - (Current State of Development) - AntiCheat 75% - Initialized = false - Jobs (fishing, tailor, miner, fueler, delivery, butcher, garbage) - Whitelisted Jobs (NSWPF, NSWAS) - 95% - Initialized = true - Accepted Gangs (Jones Family, The Dark Angles, (n/a) (n/a) ) - max 4 - Drugs (weed, coke, opium) 85% - Initialized = true - Department of Justice (Owns Town Hall Building) 15% - Initialized = true - Level System - N/A - - Initialized = false
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  14. Organizations Registration Request Requirements: - Gangs members must be well known in the city - Gang leaders or management roles must be at least 16 years old - Minimum of 6 founding members - Transparent PNG logo - Location/Area of Operations - Includes Photos or References - Clothing, What your gang/org/mc wears (use numbers at clothing stores) - Google forums to hire new recruits and ask basic questions - List current organization members (Steam Name, Profile Link, Discord, RP Name) - Are in the NitroNetRP discord and website (integration reasons) - We will not provide maps or clothing, if you have clothing or maps you wanted add create a ticket here https://discord.gg/dgPk8gs3y2 - Required $250k Registration Fee -- Fee may be waved if the application is deemed of phenomenal or tremendous standards. Questions: - What is the goal of your organization? (min 100 words) - What events/activates will your organization be involved in? - Why should we accept your Organizations Request over the others? - What does your organization bring to our city? Please do not post your application as a reply! Create a new thread copying this template in Register Organizations Business
  15. For more information, join the discord below NSWPF Highway Patrol - Application Forum: This is the required application to join Highway Patrol. Please copy the questions below and create a new thread answering them, a member of Highway Patrol Recruitment will be in contact shortly. NOTE: Do not ask any police trainer/commissioner to review your application Required to join, if offered interview: NitroNet Government Discord: https://discord.gg/peE6Zju7RB 1) Sign/Sign Up to the forums 2) Copy and Paste this thread into step three. 3) Create a new thread HERE to apply ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC | Out Of Character Questions OOC | CFX Name: (https://forum.cfx.re/): OOC | Steam Profile Link: OOC | Discord Name: OOC | Time on NitroNetRP: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RP | Role-play Character Questions RP | Name: RP | Criminal History (on character applying) RP | Why do you want to become apart of Highway Patrol ? (minimum 40 words) RP | Why should we accept your application over the other applications, what can you bring to Highway Patrol ? (minimum 40 words) RP | What would you do if you saw a high-up police officer abusing their powers as apart of Highway Patrol (Minimum 20 words) Highway Patrol, What is it?: Highway Patrol is a division of General Duties that specializes in high speed pursuits, coordinated traffic operations last but not limited to manages vehicle striking/vehicle defects for all vehicles has the unique ability to order the permanent crushing of player vehicles, assuming they have 3 valid strikes on said vehicle. NitroNet Police: The NitroNet Police force must uphold a strong relationship with community and represent the city with high quality role-play, All Officers in all departments must show tremendous professionalism and stay in character, set the example for role-play in our city, this cities relies on this police force running at it's best. - Good luck with your application and remember to have fun! Application ToS You may only make one application every two weeks per person. Asking fivem staff or higher ups in police about your applications will result in an instant denial form NSWPF. Applications are check and responded to within 24-48 hours. If your applications has not received a response in this time don't hesitate to create a ticket in our discord: https://discord.gg/xj8u7648gZ
  16. NSWPF General Duties - Application Forum This is the required application to be interviewed for NSWPF under the department of General Duties and rank of Recruit. This is a serious position and has tremendous power and responsibility to uphold the city's values and criminal codes as well as our overall reputation. Law Enforcement and DOJ have a tremendous opportunity to earn a strong reputation and income, progress through the ranks. We want strong police, tough on crime, roleplay is a requirement in any government department. Please copy the questions below and create a new topic, please respond to all questions with honest and detailed responses. Recruitment staff will be in contact within 48 hours if application is successful. NOTE: Asking about your application will result in it being denied instantly. OOC | Out Of Character Questions 1) | CFX Name: (https://forum.cfx.re/): 2) | Steam Profile Link: 3) | Discord Name: 4) | Time on NitroNetRP: 5) | Please outline in detail any experience you've had on other servers or games including any police roleplay or managerial positions. In-RP - In-Game | Roleplay Character Questions 1) RP | Name: 2) RP | Criminal History (on character applying) (lying or providing false information in this application can result in a 5 year sentence) 3) RP | Why do you want to become apart of General Duties? (minimum 40 words) 4) RP | Why should we accept your application over the other applications, what can you bring to General Duties? (minimum 40 words) 5) RP | What would you do if you saw a high-up police officer abusing their powers as apart of General Duties (Minimum 20 words) Next Steps: If your application is accepted you will be offered an interview within a minimum of two days, you will be tested on our police protocols, operating procedures and basic understanding of the NitroNet criminal code the links will be listed below. If you pass the interview process, you will be trained one on one with a General Duties police trainer, training will take a maximum of 35 minutes. NitroNet Police: The NitroNet Police force must uphold a strong relationship with community and represent the city with high quality role-play, All Officers in all departments must show tremendous professionalism and stay in character, set the example for role-play in our city, this cities relies on this police force running at it's best. - Good luck with your application and remember to have fun! Chain of Command - General Duties: - DOJ - Department of Justice NSWPF Commissioner NSWPF Deputy Comissioner General Duties - Commander General Duties - Deputy Commander General Duties - Chief Inspector General Duties - Inspector General Duties - Incremental Senior Sergeant General Duties - Senior Sergeant General Duties - Sergeant General Duties - Leading Senior Constable General Duties - Incremental Senior Constable General Duties - Senior Constable General Duties - Constable General Duties - Probationary Constable Application ToS You may only make one application every two weeks per person. Asking fivem staff or higher ups in police about your applications will result in an instant denial form NSWPF. Applications are check and responded to within 24-48 hours. If your applications has not received a response in this time don't hesitate to create a ticket in our discord: https://discord.gg/xj8u7648gZ
  17. [AU/NZ] NitroNetRP - FiveM https://thenitronet.com NSW Ambulance Service NSW Ambulance Protocol 11 st Nov 2021 Welcome to the NitroNetRP FiveM servers NSW Ambulance Service protocol. This protocol is required reading for new recruits and applicants. This protocol will explain the inner working of the ambulance service, the following and understanding of this protocol is required to keep your job with the NSW Ambulance Service. If you have questions or are unsure about anything contact Recruitment Paramedic Educator(s) or higher for more information. 1.1 Medical Aid in Hostile Scenarios: Under no circumstances are medical personnel allowed to revive or treat any patient whilst there is an active hostile scenario. EMS responding to a hostile situation must allow police to clear the scene before approaching. 1.2 Treating someone multiple times: EMS Must not treat individuals who have been treated more than 3 times from incapacitation in an hour period. You are officially considered brain dead after 3 revives/pickups in less than an hour. 1.3 Discretion & Common Sense: Medical personnel may use their discretion and common sense when providing serious medical attention; sometimes injuries are too severe and cause death before medical assistance is possible. 1.3a A gunshot wound (GSW) to the head or any head injury is to be pronounced dead on arrival (DOA). 1.4b Vehicle Impact Certain scenarios are fatal and cause a patient to be dead on arrival. However, personnel may use their discretion based on observations of a scene to evaluate whether a patient should be declared dead on arrival. 1.4 Serious injuries: When treating seriously injured individuals it's up to the discretion of the EMS personnel if they wish to take a patient back to a hospital for further treatment to the best of your ability, during this time you are exempt from responding to other calls. Examples of seriously injured individuals are as follows: Gunshot wounds (head injuries are DOA) , Stabbings or any foreign object that has entered a body requires intensive medical treatment. Animal attacks requires intensive medical treatment. Spinal/head injuries require intensive medical treatment. Heavy Vehicle impacts require intensive medical treatment. 2.0 Serious injuries: Medical Code of Conduct 2.1 Providing Good Care Care of the patient is the primary concern for health professionals. EMS must maintain a high level of professional competence and conduct. Providing good care includes: Assessing the patient; implementing and facilitating care; recognising limitations of yourself and respecting the rights of patients to make their own decisions. 2.2 Professional Behaviour: Personnel must display basic professionalism, this means exercising due diligence concerning procedure (paper work and diagnosing patients). Personnel are encouraged to be themselves and not artificially change their attitude for the sake of archaic definitions of professionalism. 2.3 EMS personnel must not participate in any illegal activity: EMS personnel must not participate in any illegal activity, if convicted of a major or serious crime you’ll be fired. 2.4 Medical Equipment & Restraints: Only on-duty EMS personnel may be in possession of medical equipment and these items are only to be used as appropriate. EMS personnel may never distribute equipment to anyone other than on duty EMS personnel under any circumstances. 2.5 Medical Custody: If a patient that has refused medical treatment and is deemed a danger to themselves and others, or has been evaluated to not have medical capacity EMS personnel have the power to place them in medical custody. 2.5a Whilst in Medical custody EMS personnel are permitted to administer lifesaving medical treatment. They must inform the patient that we will be making their medical decisions for them until they are of sound mind. For a patient to exit medical custody, the involved EMS staff member must clear them of all severe injuries before being arrested. 2.6 ID Card Checking The only time that it is appropriate to check a patient's ID card is either while they are being classed as DOA, or if you have consent to check it. 2.6 DOA If another medic has DOA’d a patient and that DOA is deemed to be reasonable and fair based on the injury the patient has received, another medic may NOT then go and treat that patient. This is undermining someone’s professional medical opinion and will not be accepted. If you have any concerns about a medics treatment of a patient, then please report them following the chain of command. 3 Vehicle Rules: 5.1 Road Rules: Being an EMS staff member is not an excuse to break the road rules, if anything, staff members will be under more scrutiny than the average citizen. The only exception to this is if there is a medical emergency. However, EMS staff members must have their lights and sirens on. Furthermore, medical personnel must drive as safely as possible while in these scenarios. 3.2 Vehicle Restrictions: EMS personnel vehicles are rank restricted meaning you are only able to access vehicles for your rank, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask any higher ups. 3.3 Responding to an emergency: When responding to an emergency, all EMS staff must use their lights and sirens, failure to do so will result in Police assuming that you are speeding or breaking traffic rules, and subsequent tickets and charges would be justified. 3.4 Personal Vehicles: All personal vehicles are to be parked at the bottom of pillbox or in the underground carpark at Mt Zonah, if they are found parked above they will be impounded. Naturally you cannot attend calls in personal vehicles, you must attend calls in EMS vehicles. 3.5 Vehicle Modifications: Modifying any Ambulance NSW vehicle at a mechanic is not acceptable . This includes visual or upgrading vehicle mechanical components. All vehicles are to remain stock. Anyone caught breaching this policy update will be facing disciplinary action and possible charges for modifying government vehicles or equipment. 4.0 Police Relations: 4.1 Introduction Police and EMS are inherently partners in day to day operations, they share communication channels, and they rely on each other for specific tasks. With this in mind, it is forbidden to try to undermine them at scenes, in response, if you feel a Police Officer is trying to undermine your medical opinion, please report this to the Commanding Officer over the Radio at the time. 4.2 Join EMS/Police Operations The primary authority over a scene is dependent on the status of the scene. If the scene is actively hostile then police will hold primary authority over the scene and all EMS personnel will be required to follow the commands of police officers without hesitation unless the order is unethical or does not comply with state laws. Once a scene has been cleared by police then EMS will take primary authority over the scene and all decisions pertaining to the treatment of the patient/s are to be made by the EMS personnel on scene. If an officer attempts to undermine your medical opinion you are to assert your medical expertise and report the incident to the Police Commanding officer on channel. 4.3 Vehicle Usage An Ambulance Van must be out first before any other vehicle can be used. A ratio of 1:1 (1 Van : 1 other vehicle) must be used at all times while on duty. Gold badges (E2, E1, DC ) are exempt from this rule. Authorization must be obtained from the channel commander to take out any vehicle that is not an Ambulance.
  18. NSW Police Department Date of Last Revision : 18/02/2022 Sustained Confidentiality An officer must possess reluctance to distribute information gathered while on or off-duty which pertains to official matters or investigations. This sensitive material may be detrimental to security, an example being this document. On-Duty Conduct Maintenance of a professional attitude and manner when occupied with investigations, other officers, additional emergency staff, and the public. The duty to sustain a high-standard of behavior falls upon the lap of each officer. No person is ever far from learning something new and should always be open to alteration of conduct when moments allow. Off-Duty Conduct You can use the F4 menu to toggle on and off duty for whitelisted jobs. Behavior which portrays our role as a force of peacekeepers and law enforcers shall not be tolerated even when not in uniform. This is not an attempt to restrict your freedoms as a citizen, rather, to prevent personal opinions from creating an operational bias. Radio (use of radio is required while on duty) - Frequencies 1-5 are restricted to Police only! - Frequencies 5-10 are restricted to EMS and Police NATO ALPHABET: Required Use on Radio Call outs (exceptions w/ new officers/ probationary officers.) Entrusted Abilities As an entity of law enforcement you are entrusted with the ability to detain, arrest, and restrict a person's freedoms. This power is only to be supplemented by the utmost discretion. Law enforcement is not charged to create laws; however, certain actions, which may not be explicit law violations, may be restricted in the interest of public safety. Tactical Radio Codes: Code 0 - Code Zero - Game Crash Code 1 - Response No Lights, No Sirens - Maintain Road Limits Code 2 - Response Lights, No Sirens - 35KPH Above Road Limits Code 3 - Response Lights & Sirens 50 KPH + Above limits Code 4 - Scene Cleared / Safe III. 10-Codes 10-0 - Disappeared 10-1 - Frequency Change 10-2 - Radio Check Loud and Clear 10-3 - Stop Transmitting 10-4 - Affirmative 10-6 - Busy 10-7 - Out of Service 10-8 - In Service 10-9 - Repeat 10-10 - Fight in Progress 10-11 - Traffic Stop 10-12 - Active Ride Along 10-13 - Shots Fired 10-15 - Subject in custody en route to Station 10-16 - Stolen Vehicle 10-17 - Suspicious Person 10-20 - Location 10-21 - Contact via Discord/Text 10-22 - Disregard 10-23 - Arrived on Scene 10-25 - Domestic Dispute 10-26 - ETA 10-27 - Drivers License Check for Valid 10-28 - Vehicle License Plate Check 10-29 - NCIC Warrant Check 10-30 - Wanted Person 10-31 - Not Wanted No Warrants 10-32 - Request Backup (Code 1-2-3) 10-41 - Beginning Tour of Duty 10-42 - Ending Tour of Duty 10-43 - Information 10-49 - Homicide 10-50 - Vehicle Accident: PD: Property Damage Only, PI: Person/s Injured, F: Fatal 10-51 - Request Towing Service 10-52 - Request EMS 10-53 - Request Fire Department 10-55 - Intoxicated Driver 10-56 - Intoxicated Pedestrian 10-60 - Armed with a Gun 10-61 - Armed with a Knife 10-62 - Kidnapping 10-64 - Sexual Assault 10-65 - Escorting Prisoner 10-66 - Reckless Driver 10-67 - Fire 10-68 - Armed Robbery 10-70 - Foot Pursuit 10-71 - Request Supervisor at Scene 10-73 - Advise Status 10-80 - Vehicle Pursuit 10-90 - In Game Warning 10-93 - Removed From Game 10-97 - In Route 10-99 - Officer In Distress Extreme Emergency Only 11-44 - Person Deceased 51-50 - Mental Health Evaluation Signal 100 - HOLD ALL BUT EMERGENCY TRAFFIC Signal 60 - Drugs Signal 37 - Meet @ ... IV. Disciplinary Action Procedures Types of Repercussions Verbal Warning A verbally delivered warning by a supervisor to cease an action and not perform it again. Has no disciplinary weight but may be logged for future reference. Strike A negative mark presented to the officer in question, lasting three weeks each, which holds the officer accountable for his actions. Upon possessing two strikes at the same time, a suspension will be issued for 1-7 days. A third strike, before one of the two expires, will result in termination. What can get you a strike or termination? Breach of sops can result in a strike Not processing someone correctly can result in strike Improper radio use Corruption(Will result in being fired) abuse/bullying(May result in being fired) Disrespect of another officer Improper use of force Illegal arrest Not putting people on database when arresting. Corruption Any form of corruption will result in immediate termination, indefinite suspension pending investigation, and charges of Corruption per incident. Distribution of classified material. Distribution of illegal goods. Distribution of police equipment or vehicles. Distribution of police radio information. Actively participating in illicit acts at any time. Taking bribery offers. Acting with a operational bias. Not upholding the law to a proper extent within their abilities. V. Threat levels Cause for Threat levels Threat level Green Low Crime Low officer death Threat level Amber Above average crime rate. Multiple recent law enforcement deaths. Law enforcement targeted crime. Credible discovered or delivered threats. Threat level Red High crime rate. Many recent law enforcement deaths. Credible discovered or delivered threats. Procedure During Alerts Threat level Green No restrictions are present on patrolling or equipment except as already defined by the supply sheet. Primary weapons, if owned, should NOT be out and about if no situation is present. Do not rely on Alerts to permit primary weapon usage; this is simply to keep unnecessary firearms put away when no situation is present or nearby. Officers MUST have tasers. Secondary firearms should be holstered if not-needed. Amber Alert Heightened awareness All personnel are required to carry a primary weapon on their back Saturation Patrols - Send additional officers onto the road to increase coverage. Secondary units to Traffic Stops and 000 Calls are extremely highly recommended. Minimum Two personnel to car. Red Alert Minimum Two personnel are required per vehicle. Primary weapons are to be on the backs of personnel. Secondary units to Traffic Stops and 000 Calls are “required” assuming units are within responding distance and reasonably available. VI. Radio Usage Radio Etiquette All personnel are required to carry a radio. All officers use our channels to communicate which means make your traffic fast, clear, and concise. Order of Radio Priority is as Follows: Command/High Priority Traffic, Pursuit Traffic, General Callouts (Traffic Stops, 10-8, etc.). Clogging channels may result in personnel not relaying important information. All personnel must be connected to the Primary Active “Tac.” 10 codes are preferred usage on radio; verbal speech is acceptable to a minimum Only message freq to police VII. Backup The Panic Button The panic button is to be used when in the highest of danger. When the radio is unavailable, clogged, or not a feasible option. When in the worst of times, everyone knows to drop everything and rush to aid their brothers and sisters in blue. When anyone triggers a PANIC or 10-99 call, officers, investigators, and anyone within several kilometers that is not handling a suspect or time-sensitive objective will drop their work and immediately respond. Additional Mental Notes Depending on your location, you must realize that your backup is not around the corner. Officers need to know your location Know WHERE you are and from where you can be SEEN. As you will read in the future, traffic stops that may be initiated in one location sometimes move to another safer spot. Before contacting the driver, while calling out your stop, attempt to use the best location marker available in relevance to your position. In terms of being seen, if you park your vehicle in a dark alley and conduct the stop there, it is likely much less visible than on the side of a wide open highway. Calling for Assistance Stating “10-32 to my 10-11 at the Morrison gas station” translates to “I need additional units to my traffic stop at Vespucci Blvd. gas station” and will get additional units to your location. Using phrases like “Step it up/Urgent/Priority” will serve as a notice to nearby units along with your already en-route code 2 backup that your situation is escalating and that speed is now an urgent factor. VIII. Responding Vehicle Code Code 2 Code 2 refers to the use of lights consistently and horns for intersection or traffic clearing. Signaling vehicles to pull over is also a valid use of Code 2 with a takedown or manual siren trigger. Code 2 is the less common code and should be used when responding to non-urgent incidents. (eg. Traffic Stop Secondary Unit, etc.) Code 3 Code 3 refers to the use of lights and sirens consistently. Horns may still be used for intersection or traffic clearing. Code 3 may also be used to start a traffic stop but is not recommended except in the situation of a vehicle being quite a distance away. Code 3 is the more common code and should be used when responding to most incidents that are active . (eg. Pursuit, Suspect Resisting, Aggressive persons at traffic stops, panic buttons, requested backup, etc.) What, When, Where, How, and Why When approaching situations officers must use their judgment and orders to decide which code to use. Code 1 provides for stealth, Code 2 provides a somewhat quiet approach, and Code 3 provides a warning of your approach. Questions to ask yourself or common scenarios may be: Am I needed? If you are Nine Miles away from a traffic stop requesting a secondary, you are likely not needed. Situations like hostage situations and bank robbery attempts do not require stealth on approach. These people likely expect police to arrive. A takedown or warrant execution should likely use a quiet approach. Store robbery responses vary and you may decide to shut down sirens approximately a kilometer from the location to increase stealth. Other units may decide to notify you the decrease or increase your code. IX. Traffic and Felony Stops Traffic Stops A traffic law has been broken and a traffic stop will be engaged. Follow the vehicle until you feel comfortable with where you are stopping. Signal the vehicle to stop. Utilize Code 2 and a Manual or Takedown Siren. Follow the vehicle to its stopping location. If the driver stops in an undesirable position or you know of a safer place to stop utilize your Speaker System to instruct the driver. This may include pulling off of the highway onto a side road, pulling vehicles into parking lots or driveways instead of on roadways. Position your vehicle in an angle relative to the vehicle stopped (Recommended). Try not to have a large portion of your vehicle blocking a lane of traffic when in a low-visibility spot or blind turn. It is highly recommended to pull completely out of lanes of travel when in a highway stop if possible (without vehicle damage occurring). Callout: {Callsign + “performing a 10-11 on a” + Vehicle Color + Vehicle Model + “at/located near” + Location} “1-L4 doing a 10-11 on a White Sedan Northbound Shore Highway.” This script is not exact and should not be used as a robotic callout. Be human but be logical. Approach the vehicle and make first contact. Passenger side approaches are recommended and highly-recommended on highways to reduce the risk of death or injury from collision. Inform the driver of your title (ie. Rank+Last Name)(eg. “Corporal Harrington”) with the “County Police Department.” Inform the driver of the reason for their stop. Inquire for their identification and proceed to “Request” their ID. Optional/Situational: Inquire about illegal goods in the vehicle. Searches are only allowed when legally acceptable (see below). Do not do this often at traffic stops; utilize when suspicions are present or obvious. Check the Registration. Check past citations and decide whether a warning or citation is necessary. Be sure to check the warrant registry for active warrants. Return to the driver and issue your warning/citation. End the traffic stop. Once back at your vehicle, proceed to log into the driver’s record the warning/citation you just gave them.. Secondary Units and a Purpose When called for, secondary units may respond and be present. If not explicitly requested by the officer on scene, no more than one additional unit may stop at the non-incidental traffic stop. Four or more vehicles at a traffic stop should be avoided. If a unit calls for 2 cars, 3 arrive, and you’re fourth on scene, go back on patrol. We cannot afford to task excess units to calls unnecessarily. Units may also simply patrol near the stop in order to be “in the area.” Felony Stops May be escalated from a regular traffic stop or simply started. Requires only one car to start but should have multiple units on scene to proceed. Procedure As additional units arrive, avoid crossfire. Do not form a circle around the vehicle in question; parking behind units already on scene is recommended. Not every officer needs to be on the front of the line. During felony stops anything may happen. Lethal weapons are recommended for the first two units on scene; however, as additional units arrive, some should ready non-lethal weapons as options. Officers should proceed to order suspects out of the vehicle in the following fashion: “{Driver} exit the vehicle, keep weapons down, face away, drop weapons, follow backwards to sound of voice, stop, lay down facing away, do not move. Repeat for each passenger and line them up. Continue until vehicle is presumed clear of compliant persons. Split officers into two groups. Those closest to the vehicle will clear the car of additional persons while other officers move in for cuffing. Use logic and common sense. If 4 suspects exist, and five officers are on scene. Send two to the vehicle and three to cuffing. Move Over or Slow Down Law When on a two lane highway, upon noting a stopped emergency or service vehicle parked in the shoulder area with warning or emergency lights engaged, the driver must move over to the left lane -- allowing one lane of space when passing -- or slow down to at least 12MPH below the posted speed limit. Traffic Sting Operations Traffic stings are a great way to enforce laws in mass. Having spotter units call out violations to those waiting down the road will result in a highly efficient and safe system where most traffic stops end up being close in proximity. X. Identification Personnel are required to provide their Title (id est. Rank+Last Name)(exempli gratia “Corporal Harrington”) or Badge Number (Callsign) when requested by any civilian except in the following circumstances: The officer is undercover. An active situation is underway and the person asking is not involved or is unaffected. (Bystander at a Bank Robbery) Personnel are required to announce “Police/Police Department/County Police/etc.” when entering a structure to execute a welfare check, break and entry, arrest or search warrant, except when in a situation requiring stealth (eg. hostage situation, bank robbery, etc.) Personnel should declare themselves as “police” when attempting to make an arrest or approach a suspect at a sting operation or general call such as a robbery where a person may be able to hear you but not see you. XI. Incident Response High-Risk Incident Officers on scene take local responsibility to secure the area. SWAT inherits Tactical command automatically even when not on scene and may deliver commands to officers over the radio. SWAT should not deploy armored vehicles except when more than one person is going to occupy them.SWAT is always tasked with negotiation in hostage or other situations. Transferring Command Incident Units may transfer command to higher or lower ranking officers if they intend to leave the scene. This should be done over the radio to ensure all personnel are aware of the shift. Investigation Incident All personnel should refrain from interfering with detectives while they perform undercover work or sting operations. Instructions to leave an area should be heeded and followed immediately. Jeopardizing an undercover operation may result in disciplinary action. Contacting detectives should be done over the radio instead of driving to them and possibly interrupting. Traffic Control Incident Patrol units are tasked with maintaining a perimeter and performing crowd control. This includes events, street closures, and all traffic operations. Supervisor Calls Incident Any civilian involved in an incident is allowed to request a Supervisor (Sgt+) if one is available. Complaints may be made through this procedure to appeal their situation but formal complaints must be submitted through written form. Incident Clearing All suspects and evidence should be accounted for prior to clearing a scene. Tow cars and account for all personnel. If towing companies are available, attempt to contact them first prior to impounding unless time is critical. Chronological Order of Events Beginning of incident. Response. Special Response with Tactical Units if necessary. Cleanup Medical Transport of persons involved, questioning of suspects, officers involved, witnesses, etc.. Clearing of vehicles, evidence, and miscellaneous items. Written reports produced by investigators (if necessary). Transportation of suspect to hospital 1 officer must be in the medic unit and another car must follow for later pick up. XII. Criminal Apprehension Escalation of Force In the following situations, an action of equal to or less than the level presented by the civilian is allowed. Resistance Civilian Action Police Action Cooperative Soft Calm Verbal Communication Passively Resistant Commanding Communication/Physical Control Actively Resistant Physical Control/Non-Lethal Force Assaultive Physical Control/Non-Lethal Force/Lethal Force Attempt to Murder Non-Lethal Force/Lethal Force Vehicle Pursuit Civilian Action Police Action Less Serious Crimes General Pursuit, Stationary Roadblocks, Spike, PIT/S1 Hazardous Driving, Threat to Public PIT/S1, Controlled Vehicle Contact, Firing upon Tires Life Threatening Felonies Lethal Force, Uncontrolled Contact, Ramming Detainment and Arrest Action Defined as... Requires Mental and Verbal Detainment No physical restraint (traffic stop, stay here commands, etc.) Law Violation or investigation involvement. Physical Detainment Handcuffs, placed in Police Vehicle. Law Violation or investigation involvement. Arrest Physical Detainment, searching, charging, transporting to CO. Formal Charges against person. Vehicle Pursuit Only the primary unit in a pursuit should have Code 3 enabled. Additionally, units responding to the pursuit but not in pursuit should use Code 2 at their discretion. Continuous passing of units because every wishes to be first will not be tolerated. Air Units take priority when calling out pursuits. Followed by the secondary unit if no air unit is available. This is done to allow the primary unit to focus on driving. If neither is available, the primary unit will callout. In order to “pass,” units must direct their traffic. “Black Unmarked Taurus yield Left to SWAT/SERT.” If suspects are known to be armed SWAT/SERT takes over as primary if fast enough. If the vehicle in question is too large for the primary unit, a larger vehicle should take its place. Arrest and Transport Initiating officers should be on scene and follow suspects to booking. If this officer is injured and in EMS custody, other officers will arrest and transport. Depending on the number of suspects, multiple units may be tasked with transport. If suspects are injured and require hospital transport, non-injured officers must follow the ambulance in a separate vehicle to arrive at the hospital. There they will await the transfer of the suspect from EMS custody to theirs. Upon the end of the pursuit, most units should clear; however, enough should remain to follow EMS, clean the scene, transport suspects, etc. Officers which EMS deems necessary for hospital transport are in EMS custody and may be picked up by units from the hospital. These officers are technically on-duty but may not operate in EMS custody. Suspect Identification During pursuits of any kind, notify units of descriptions. Clothing, vehicles, backpacks, hats, skin color, etc. This is necessary when catching suspects after briefly losing a trail. If a naked man is found running down the highway with a clothing pile matching a suspect’s described clothing located one-hundred meters away, does this constitute arrest? It is important to match suspects with their reports. The civilian who called in an armed robbery should be present to identify the suspect. This can be done confidentially through vehicles, privacy screens, or simply having the suspect stand facing away while the observer confirms the identity from a distance. It is important that the accuser, even an officer, can confirm an identity. XIII. To Protect and Serve Your task, above all, is to protect and serve the public. This means running to save those caught in a bad spot, helping those in need, and not abusing your authority. We are an organization of law enforcers, peacekeepers, and servants of the community. If someone is making a genuine effort to be a good person, they should not be pestered continuously by law enforcement. Our job is not to incarcerate as many citizens as possible. XV. Additional Information Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion (PC/RS) Probable cause to make an arrest exists when an officer has knowledge of such facts as would lead a reasonable person to believe that a particular individual is committing, has committed or is about to commit a criminal act . The officer must be able to articulate the facts and circumstances forming the basis for probable cause. Reasonable suspicion is a standard established in which police officers should be allowed to stop and briefly detain a person if, based upon the officer’s training and experience, there is reason to believe that the individual is engaging in criminal activity. The officer is given the ability to freeze the action by stepping in to investigate the matter. Unlike probable cause, which uses a reasonable person standard as the basis, reasonable suspicion is based on the standard of a reasonable law enforcement officer. Miranda Rights You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can and will be used against you in court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present with you during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to you by the state if available. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you. Issuing Warrants and Gathering Evidence The following chart will present scenarios which will allow you to articulate the process of issuing warrants for many different situations. Incident or Occurrence Action for Warrant Grant Action after Warrant Grant A vehicle is found abandoned full of weapons and drugs. Contact Investigators of any kind, search for additional evidence, search vehicle registration, document contents of vehicle with pictures, submit warrant request. Locate and Arrest suspect, execute search on owned personal and commercial land. An arrested person has log off prior to being sentenced. Submit a warrant detailed their actions, the fact that they had to leave at once, and a picture of their presence in custody. The following instance where the person comes in contact with police will result in him/her being notified of their warrant and being arrested. Evidence is brought forward showing illegal actions conducted by an individual. Contact Investigators of any kind, search for additional evidence, and submit warrant request with evidence included. Locate and Arrest suspect, execute search on owned personal and commercial land.
  19. Rules 1. Streamer Friendly We aim to create a streamer friendly environment, toxicity or racism of any kind will result in an instant ban from the discord and server. 2. Discrimination and Toxicity Any discrimination will not be tolerated and will result in an warn/ban depending on the situation. This message board is a friendly environment for our community. Toxicity and hate speech has no place within this message board. Expressing you opinion is encouraged. 3. Advertisement We love to promote streamers and content creators as they are a essential part of our community, talk to management if you're interested in obtaining the Streaming/Content Creator roles. Attempting to advertise any other servers or poaching players, staff, developers or management officials will result in a ban from our platforms. 4. Spamming Spam is not tolerated on this website for obvious reasons, please refrain from spamming. 5. Common Sense Simply put, please just use your common sense while posting and commenting on the forums; - Post in the appropriate board - Stay in character where necessary - No NSFW content, no exceptions
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